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Celebrity Wrist Watches & Favorite Brands

You will often find that celebrities wear expensive watches from top brands. I am not mentioning every model they wear because it is a tough job and you know new models may be available by the time you decide to buy one. So, it is better to check the online store of your celebrity's favorite brand before you buy one. If your celebrity is wearing more than one brand, you may want to check the stores of those brands. Sure, they set trends. But I think it is wise to check the online collection rather than buying the exact same small timepiece. Who knows you may find your dream watch in one of the stores.

I am giving you some top brands that the celebrities buy:

  • Tom Cruise — Bremont
  • Sofia Vergara — gold Rolex Daytona
  • Leonardo DiCaprio — Tag Heuer Carrera Chronograph
  • Sylvester Stallone — Panerai Luminor 1950 Regatta Rattrapante
  • President Barack Obama — Commemorative Edition Jorg Gray 6500 Chronograph
  • Jason Statham — Panerai
  • Usher — Rolex Milgauss
  • Brad Pitt — Tag Heuer
  • Ashley Tisdale — gold Rolex
  • Daniel Craig — Rolex GMT Master
  • Kanye West — limited edition Bape G Shock
  • Rafel Nadal — Richard Mille
  • Danica Patrick — Tissot T Race
  • Clint Eastwood — Rolex GMT Master
  • Rob Dyrdek — Rolex Yacht Master
  • Pierce Brosnan — Omega Seamaster
  • Robert Downey, Jr — Jaeger LeCoultre
  • John Travolta — Breitling
  • Pierce Brosnan — Omega Seamaster
  • Angelina Jolie — Cartier Tank
  • Rihanna — gold Piaget
  • Charlize Theron — diamond Christian Dior watch

Did you notice celebrities love brands? Anyway! These small timepieces may cost you from around $300 to $60K and even more. For example, the Commemorative Edition Jorg Gray 6500 Chronograph that president Barack Obama wears is only worth about $300. On the other hand, Seal (Henry Olusegun Adeola Samuel) wears a very expensive Richard Mille gold timepiece, which is worth around $475,000. Oh! A reminder... these can be excellent gifts for birthday and other events. One last thing... Some of these small timepieces last so long that you can give them as gifts even to your grandchildren.

Read this complete watch buying guide

Want to buy a timepiece like your favorite celebrity? You need these tips too for buying a watch

  • The most prestigious watches are available only in stores of authorized dealers. So, you can check the models available online, but always purchase branded and expensive watches only in retail shops. This will also facilitate the exchange or return of a watch, if it is found unsuitable or is damaged in any way.
  • Choose the size of watch according to your personality and stature. If you have a big build, go for a watch with a large face. If you are petite, a watch with a compact face will suit you better.
  • A Stainless steel strap lasts longer than leather, and costs very much lesser. If you are looking for a watch to be worn daily, a versatile Stainless steel one is a better choice.
  • A mechanical watch can last for many years. Quartz watches have limited life, chiefly because their parts cannot be repaired, and can only be replaced. So, their life is dependent on the availability of their parts.
  • People who are prone to skin allergies should avoid wearing watches that have straps made of nickel

Some extra tips for your celebrity timepiece - Maintenance required for watches

  • Mechanical (manual and automatic) watches are required to be serviced and cleaned according to the recommendations of the manufacturer or at least every three years.
  • Quartz watches that are operated by battery need to be serviced when the battery is replaced every 2-5 years, depending on the type of watch.
  • Lithium Iodine batteries (LID) watches have a lifetime of ten years.

Some famous brands that celebrities often use

Chopard, Tag Heuer, Omega, Rolex, Piaget, Hublot, A. Lange & Sohne, Marc, Fossil, Cartier, and Blancpain. Most designer wear labels also have their own brand of watches, like Micheal Kors, Calvin Clein, Nike, and Adidas.

Buying Jewelry like your favorite celebrity — What you need to know

The easiest way to find out what celebrities wear is to - go to https://www.google.com and search for terms like "Your celebrity name jewelry", "Celebrity Inspired Jewelry", "Celebrity Jewelry", and "celebrity Jewelry trends". Also, keep an eye on the red-carpet show because the stars are often asked, "Who are you wearing?" If you get the name of their dress and/or jewelry maker, you can just go to that manufacturer's website and look for those jewelry.

Do you think celebrities always wear expensive jewelry? Not really! They wear even $30 jewelry. If you are surprise and cannot believe me, you can do your own online research and you will see many pictures that shows they are wearing inexpensive jewelry.

For your kind information, many celebrities do not own the jewelry and fashions they wear to the Oscars and other awards ceremonies. You will often notice they do not wear the same jewelry twice. How do they get so many jewelry items? Jewelry designers and dealers loan or gift the pieces so that their products are promoted. The more attention a piece of jewelry gets, the more sells happen and the more money is earned by the jewelry designer and/or dealer.

While you make your own online research on what your favorite celebrity wears, you may find what other celebrities are wearing and setting trends. You may like their jewelry too and sometimes you make like them so much that you may prefer to buy their jewelry over your favorite celebrity's jewelry.

One additional tip for you - if you buy an expensive jewelry like your favorite celebrity, it may be a wise decision to insure it. Celebrities may often wear diamond necklace or other jewelry. How will you feel if you lose your $5,000 diamond jewelry set that is not insured? Do you know even the celebrities insure their jewelry?

Celebrity Style & Fashion — How to Dress Like a Celebrity Without a Celebrity Budget

You already know that besides buying, celebrities get a lot of expensive clothes as gifts (for promotional benefits). They also wear custom tailored items made by their personal designers. But you can still achieve celebrity style without breaking the bank. You will easily find a lot of celebrity clothes from under $100 to $200 price range.

Some important tips while you shop celebrity fashion and style items:

  • First things first. Body type match is very important. If your celebrity is tall and thin but you are shorter and curvier, the clothes your celebrity wears may not nicely fit in your body. Misfitting clothes are common issues for a long time. Beware! If you have several favorite celebrities, it may be wise to choose to buy the clothes that the celebrity who has similar body type wears.
  • Many shoppers do not buy from budget-friendly shops. Yes, there are budget-friendly and expensive shops where you can find the same items that your favorite celebrity wears. It is a no brainer that you can save money if you go to the budget-friendly shops. To save money, you may want to check brands such as H & M, Old Navy, Kohl's etc.
  • While you are ready to spend on bags, bracelets, earrings etc., look for these items on online and retailer stores. Because you can find those items at huge discounts in some stores while you may need to pay high amounts for the same items from some other stores.
  • Search on https://www.google.com for the store names. If you are lucky, you can find some websites that give the name of stores where you can find fashion and style items your celebrity wears (with celebrity images wearing those fashion and style pieces).
  • At vintage stores, you will find big and trendy items. Do not buy cheap fake products. These products can ruin in your overall fashion and style.
  • Trying to be a 100% copy of your favorite celebrity may not be a good idea. Be yourself!
  • Experiment, experiment, and experiment. This way you can bring the look and feel you love and wanted.
  • Read some beauty tips on the Internet. This will help you to achieve the look and feel you need.
  • Cuteness is not the only thing that should obsess you. Will they be comfortable for you? Think twice!
  • If you are on budget, always buy affordable clothe and fashion items. It is not a good idea to ignore your financial condition.
  • Are you a mom or very busy person? If yes, take into consideration how much time you can manage for your clothes and fashion. While your favorite celebrities can manage hours to dress themselves up, you may not be able to manage so much time. If the dress takes considerable time to wear, this may not go with your busy lifestyle. When wearing clothes is a part of your style and fashion, there are other parts such as make up.

Finally and luckily, you will find a lot of dresses that look similar to the dresses celebrities wear on Amazon.com. Click here and check them out.